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How it works . . .

Simply enter your vehicle details in the quotation form below to get started. Or you can just call us and we can discuss your car over the phone. We will carry out a fair appraisal of your vehicle to give an accurate as possible quotation.

The price we offer will be a fair reflection of the market price of your vehicle

Once you have your quotation you can either come to our store to sell your vehicle, or a member of our team will travel too you.

3 step process
  • Using the quotation request form below, send us some initial details about you and your car. Your contact details are important, otherwise we won't be able to make you an offer or arrange collection.
  • When you complete the quotation form you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us with a unique reference number with our contact details on should you wish to get in touch straight away
  • Mostly we will call you as soon as possible to gather as much information on your vehicle, as we believe your vehicle is unique and therefore has a unique price.
  • This phone call takes approximately 5-10 minutes, during which time we will make an offer on your car.
  • Once the deal is agreed we will send you a copy of the vehicle appraisal as we have discussed.
  • We will then arrange collection around your busy schedule.
  • When a member of our team arrives we will carry out an on site appraisal and match this to the one provided over the phone. This should take around 30 minutes.
  • If everything matches up we will then make payment via instant bank transfer. If there are any differences in the appraisals we will discuss this with you at the same time to ensure a fair price can be agreed. This usually takes no more than 10 minutes
  • The member of our team will then wait with you while you confirm that you have received payment.

The whole process of selling your car to us is quick, straightforward and takes less that an hour. When we said selling your car the EASY way, did you think we could do it in less time than it takes you to advertise your car in the traditional media?

Sell your car the EASY way today!

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Sell your car the EASY way today!